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About Mirak International Trade

Mirak International Trade (MIT) is an export company with offices and warehouses in North African and North American continent.

Founded in 2010, MIT serves as a bridge between Tunisian manufacturers and international buyers.MIT’s product portfolio includes a variety of foods and home goods, ranging from organic olive oil and spreads to olive wood and ceramic kitchenware and home furnishings.

By building strong relationships with local producers, MIT plays an important part of the businesses supply chain to help increase sales.

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About TunisiaMIRAK

This country in North africa is ranked in top of the list , due to its ideal  annual temperature , of its largest organic lands in the world and to its lowest average number of corona virus cases per inhabitant in Mid july 2020.

 Tunisia is one of the world’s top olive oil producers. … With its largely chemical-free orchards,

Tunisia is the largest exporter of organic olive oil in the world.

Tunisian olive oils have won medals at international competitions in London and Los Angeles.Mar 9, 2020

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