We provide direct access to Mediterranean foods
and home goods at competitive price

About us

Mirak International

Mirak international trade (MIT) is a trading company and part of Mirak Group, a leading manufacturer and US distributor of Mediterranean food and handcrafted kitchen wares.

Founded in 2010, and through its subsidiaries based in US and North Africa, Mirak Group provide the opportunity to international buyers to discover the finest food and product of the Mediterranean region.

With years of solid experience, we are able to play an important part of business’s supply chain to help increase sales.

Our product portfolio includes a variety of foods and home goods, ranging from organic olive oil and spreads to olive wood kitchenware and home furnishings.

Products are offered in generic and private label.

Our warehouses are located in Ohio and California.

about mirak international trade

Consistent Quality

Our quality control team ensures consistent quality every order.

Private label

Create a custom order and put your own brand name on it.

International Payment

We accept a variety of payment methods, including: letter of credit, wire transfer and even N30 for most of our customers


We have built strong relationships with local producers over several years. Our producers trust our hard work and commitment, and we value their skill and craft.


Languages we are fluent in are: English , French and Arabic.


We professionally manage shipping and the customs broker, making the process less challenging.

Consolidated shipping

You can reduce the cost of shipping by ordering LTL containers (Less than Load)


With a decade of experience, we are able to handle large orders.
About Tunisia

Tunisia Export.
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Tunisia is one of the world’s top olive oil producers. … With its largely chemical-free orchards,
Tunisia is the largest exporter of organic olive oil in the world.
Tunisian olive oils have won medals at international competitions in London and Los Angeles.Mar 9, 2020